"Complete Clubs is the most creative, fun, and effective method of conditioning the arms and back that I've ever done. I felt improved mobility and alignment in my injured shoulder after my first class. The workout is easily adapted to any fitness level and a great way to add variety for my clients."
Diarra Cummings, Instructor
Certifications: Complete Clubs®, Pilates.
Fun fact: Former professional dancer with Dance Theatre of Harlem and Garth Fagan Dance.
You can occasionally spot Diarra taking a professional-level ballet class in NYC.

"Complete Clubs is an eye-opening, educational and applicable workout system. 

Club swinging has been a long kept secret in the fitness world and I was so happy to learn it from Pamela Warshay.
I give Complete Clubs to all of my clients. It addresses shoulder issues and rounded posture. Club swinging opens up and strengthens their entire upper body. It adds variety and interest to their workout. Complete Clubs blends so well with Pilates and is a great way to get people moving through space while keeping the strength and integrity of their alignment."
Gail Giovanniello, Instructor and Owner of Mind Your Body in NYC.
Certifications: Complete Clubs®, Pilates (PMA), Pilates SpringTone®, MOTR™ instructor and trained in Thai Bodywork.

Gail is faculty for MOTR™ with Balanced Body and also the Director of Mind Your Body Pilates Teacher Training.

"It’s known that orchestra conductors live longer than nearly any other group of people because they flap their arms around many hours per day. Like conducting, Complete Clubs® consists of primarily upper body movements. It is a great cardio-vascular workout. Club swinging expands the muscles of the chest and opens the lungs. The exercises cause your heart to pump strongly, so blood and nutrients flow to your muscles and organs. This also lowers blood pressure, which sharpens the mind, because there is more blood circulation to the brain.
​Here's to a long life with Complete Clubs!"

James Duus, Instructor
Certifications: Complete Clubs®, Pilates, Yoga, Activated Isolated Stretch and teaches Pilates SpringTone® & MOTR™ at Mind Your Body.

Fun Fact: Pamela purchased the 3 pound "Big Bertha" clubs initially for James.... the other were getting too light...he's hardcore!

"I began Complete Clubs® Teacher Training with Pam while I was training for the NYC Triathlon. It was the perfect addition to my standard workout schedule. I added Complete Clubs® workouts twice a week and felt the results! I was so much stronger and flexible for the race! It's a great upper body workout and a perfect warm-up before swimming. I recommend Complete Clubs® to athletes as well as anyone who is looking for a thorough way to strengthen their upper body and gain full range of motion. The workout is like combining yoga, Pilates and strength training into one. It is fun and energizing yet practical and easy to incorporate into a daily routine."

Samantha Cassidy, Instructor
Certifications: Compete Clubs®, Indoor Cycling
Fun Fact: You can find Samantha biking through Prospect Park with her training group, rain or shine. You will have bike envy!

"I was an athlete and dancer. I was introduced to Complete Clubs by Diarra Cummings and regularly take her class. Complete Clubs is exciting, innovative, fun, challenging and strengthening. It makes a strong core and defined arms. The Clubs class brought back variety and excitement to my fitness regimen."

Pearl Williams, client

Fun fact: Pearl is photographed with Diarra and Pam for our Complete Clubs® Education page.