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Intro to Indian Club Swinging
Saturday May 18th: 12:00- 3:30 p.m. 

This course is designed to teach the basics of Indian Club Swinging to Instructors. However, it is open to students  Learn proper club grip, anatomically correct swinging patterns and how to maximize trunk stabilization. Specific swinging patterns will be paired with Pilates exercises to complement one another. Learn to use club swinging for both warm-ups and cool-downs within a Pilates session. Participants will have an opportunity to develop creative sequencing from the reviewed repertoire. We will practice club swinging in various body positions including sitting, standing, squats and lunges. Modifications are reviewed to make Indian Club Swinging adaptable for varying levels. 

Workshop Outline
• Review the history of Indian Club Swinging
• Review its benefits of increased strength, mobility, stabilization and contributions to non-impact cardiovascular fitness.
• Review appropriate clubs weights and sizes.
• Pair up specific Club Swinging patterns with complimenting Pilates exercises.
• Learn basic Club Swinging patterns in all directions: sagital, coronal and transverse planes.
• Learn single and double arm patterns.
• Incorporate lower body patterns for more advanced exercises.
• Review modifications to make Indian Club Swinging adaptable for varying levels.
• Review class design for incorporating Indian Club Swinging in both private Pilates apparatus sessions as well as group mat classes. 

Oak club sets are available to purchase at the studio. 
($60 for one pound sets, $80 for two pound sets)

Cost: $150.

3 PMA CEC's available
Email to register. 

Upcoming dates:

Wednesday June 12th: 12-3:30 pm

Wednesday July 17th: 12-3:30 pm

Saturday August 10th: 12-3:30 pm