About Pilates 4 Youth

Initiated and developed by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), Sage Fitness is now offering Pilates 4 Youth programming. Classes are held for children currently in grades 3 and up. Class size is small with no more than 6 children to a class.

This Mat based program is structured with floor exercises appropriate for children in middle childhood and early adolescence. Curriculum is guided on the protocols of the PMA initiative.  Pilates 4 Youth is an opportunity to teach children exercises that will also build confidence during this "magic window" period of childhood where they are open to grasp concepts that can last a lifetime.
Developing body awareness and conditioning, Pilates 4 Youth will enhance your child's physical activity in sports and dance or be an excellent stand alone healthy activity.

Per session, children build on a repertoire of exercises, so by the final class they will have a personalized exercise program they can practice at home.

To register: info@sagefitness.com

For Pilates 4 Youth programming on site at your school, please go to:

Pilates 4 Youth at School

Fall 2018 After School Programming: 
Starts September 17th. All classes 3:30-4:10
Tuesdays: Sept 18th- Jan 22

Wednesdays: Sept 12th- Jan 9

3rd grade and up.
6 students maximum per class
We follow the DOE school calendar and meet for 16 classes.
Cost: $400 for full semester

Trial Classes: $50 for 2 classes
​Email for more info.

Spring 2018: Wednesdays 3:30-4:10.

Begins February 6th.

Photography: Raquel Salazar

Pilates 4 Youth