Initiated and developed by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), Sage Fitness is now offering Pilates 4 Youth programming. Classes are held for children currently in grades 3 and up. We offer classes at Sage Fitness through our after school program or at your school during school hours or as an after school offering.

This Mat based program is structured with floor exercises appropriate for children in middle childhood and early adolescence. Curriculum is guided on the protocols of the PMA initiative.  Pilates 4 Youth is an opportunity to teach children exercises that will also build confidence during this "magic window" period of childhood where they are open to grasp concepts that can last a lifetime.
Developing body awareness and conditioning, Pilates 4 Youth will enhance your child's physical activity in sports and dance or be an excellent stand alone healthy activity.

Per session, children build on a repertoire of exercises, so by the final class they will have a personalized exercise program they can practice at home.

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or contact:
Cari Gelber (917)733-3154

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For inquiries about teaching opportunities, please send your resume and a cover letter to In subject line, please include "Pilates 4 Youth hiring". 


4 Youth

Pilates 4 Youth classes at Sage Fitness.
Images shown of 3rd graders.