Photos: Cory Antiel Productions.

A multidimensional, fluid exercise system created in 1984 for dancers, Gyrotonic training uses equipment comprised of weighted pulleys and rotational discs, which works the whole body at once. Gyrotonic exercise offers similar benefits also derived from yoga, gymnastics, swimming, kundalini yoga and ballet. The work incorporates spinal curling, arching, twisting, spiraling and lengthening movements, as well as other joint articulations. The movements promote coordination, flexibility, endurance, strength and mobilization. Clients note that after a workout, they feel mobilized, centered and very elongated. With its circular and rotational motions, Gyrotonic exercise is noted to improve many activities and such as: one’s golf swing, tennis game and dance practice. Additionally, it helps women feel well during pregnancy and is a great system for overall life-long conditioning.

What is GYROTONIC® exercise?