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4 Youth

Initiated and developed by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), Sage Fitness is now offering
Pilates 4 Youth programming for your after school program. Classes are held for children currently in grades 3 and up.

After School Offerings:

Choose either 1 class or 2 classes in a row with a 15 minute break between classes on the afternoon of your choice for 1 semester.
Class size accomodates up to 20 students.  Over 21 students will require a Pilates teaching assistant.

All students will receive a worksheet to take home for self practice.
School must provide and store mats (3/4 inch mats)

Currently booking classes for 2018-2019 School Year.

For more information or to book your school’s Pilates 4 Youth programming please call or email:
Cari Gelber (917) 733-3154

For information about
our in school programming: In Your School

Pilates 4 Youth at Sage Fitness: Sage Fitness
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